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The Skilled Workman is absorbing the Hackberry Font Foundry. The process will take about a year, I imagine. So, head over to




Warm Comfortable fonts for beautiful Typography

Producing readable OpenType Fonts that are designed to be inviting to your readers.

Our font designs are a direct response to my career focus: typography, page layout, font usage, and readability. We continuously work to design new fonts that will work better and be more beautiful for book, magazine, and booklet design.

Our fonts are unique in offering only proportional numbers in three sets: proportional lining (caps), proportional oldstyle (lowercase), and small caps figures, in all our OpenType Pro fonts designed for page layout in books, magazines, and newsletters. In addition, we offer an increasing set of discretionary ligatures, swashes, and alternative forms to make your copy more elegant and good looking. We try to design weights that we actually need in our designs, but that varies widely with the different type families.

If you have any special font needs, let us know and we will be happy to help. Click here to ask.


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Beautiful Type

An examination of current trends

A book to guide you
through the process of
font design in fontlab 5

Practical Font Design
Third edition

This new book contains parts one and two revised and rearranged for a much smoother and faster workflow—plus new materials learned during the creation of the first two books.

Practical Font Design book cover

Here's a link to a review of the 3nd edition on readableweb

The links to the 3rd edition

Kindle: $9.99

iPad: $9.99

PDF Download: $9.99

ePUB: $9.99 discounted to $7.99

Premium paperback: $15.96 (on sale, Lulu) $19.95 retail

Paperback: $19.95
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